Lineage 2 classic is almost upon us, the European exclusive

Although I personally do not familiar with the early days of heaven. 2, I often see players lament changes made to the game, call clear PvP MMORPG early version of the game, one of the. Announced some time ago, 4Game, European publisher of the game, hoping to bring the players to experience again, so Heaven 2 classic. Today announced the good news is that it may be coming sooner than you think.”Absolutely not. I know that somehow a peace can be reached. We will not fall victim to the lure of militaristic action. That is Garrosh’s way, not mine.”

4Game plans to open pre-orders Paradise II classic this fall. Yes, just like the original incarnation, Heaven 2 Classic will be a game, a box fee. In addition, it will be a subscription game, the aforementioned modern liberal environment for the current version of the play has been adopted.

He turned his attention back to the Longwalker waiting patiently. “Go, give them my message, and add that no one is to move into quilboar territory without my express permission. I will find an answer to this new threat.” The scout ran off and Baine readied for the return trip to his father’s home.

There are some bad news, though. It will not be used in North America or South American players. I suspect this means that they are planning, as long as the IP block to go, but I can not say for sure. Sadly, it seems that fans outside Europe will have to wait just a little more time to see if NCSoft’s plans to do something similar. It might depend on the efforts in this regard which, due to a case of the subscription fee and may eventually have a similar result to the Allods’ payments to the game server’s success. Regardless, we will not have to wait longer to find the answer.

New Haven and fireplace Get badger, the party’s arrow, shops addressing concerns


New Haven and hearth there is no doubt a rocky launch, with a special payment to play in the new system, covering a staggering 95 players opinions dissatisfaction, writing this article to discuss the topic. And this is not the only one. At the forum there are other similar criticism dozens.

Yesterday, the two-person team tournament behind the release of what they call “a sound wrapped around” to resolve some patches compare issues of common concern. Of course, there are badgers. Who does not want to badger? Personally, I want to run a badger farm.

I’m getting off track. In addition to Badger, ointments, and the usual fixes, this patch brings new players since the launch of the 28th Haven server had to change many more problems of common concern. The most important changes I see, personally, is the party’s arrow is now “full recovery”, which means that they will show the direction of the other players in your squad (S) from anywhere, allowing you to find Your friends Teleportation without fire. You no longer need to waste your free time each month to find friends hours. You can go only toward the right.

Speaking hours per month, they have changed all that. You can now seven hours a week, or about an hour a day, as a fully free user, every Monday at midnight UTC supplement. Has paid the $ 15 fee authenticated users will receive 14 hours per week.

Stores also accept maintenance, such as subscriptions, now labeled “game time.” Previous “game time” is now labeled “subscription token.” Personally, I would go, “Subscribe” and “subscription token,” but this is still a good point. However, it is known as “Jorb” Do not say developers, “We will continue to monetize the iteration until we have what fair and balanced, we want to make it a priority to implement alternative payment provider can discuss a topic, “If we sell the playing time? “…… It? Instead of, or as an alternative to subscribe? Let us know what you think.” They should go to the sales time for a group can be filled hours while having a “game time” and the line “play time “, or even just once again change the” game time “meaning, may be more confusing.

Jorb also take some time to resolve the save in the following quote concerns.

In retrospect, I think we should expect that the introduction of the store will cause quite a stir. Contact us naive, but we are totally focused on the game, and did not imagine, in our view is that what is a small thing, completely cover everything, we would have completed the game, namely an overhaul.

Our aim is to never let the store “secret” things that anyone “spring.” It is we did not really talk about the game pushing or general, so announce any specific thing, what we see as a whole, we did not speak about, and not crossed our minds. This store was added late in the process, and launched two weeks ago, we only loose ideas.

Our intention did not really do the game “pay 2 play.” The idea behind the scheme payment solution, but I can see how it is to lose the general view, in some poor layout / set-up and whatnot for us is to create a soft wall which may negotiate wages, and It gives you the choice of how to calculate a smooth transition in, when you choose through it, this does not significantly affect the balance of the game. This is our discussion has focused on when what we achieve. To this end, the store also performed in a relaxed manner.

All this, I think, conspired with us to make us believe that the store is not a big problem (TM).

Apologize. We will try to do better in the future.
It seems that if they really have good intentions, later joined, and did not see it as a big problem, because most other online games to make money in some form or another. If you disagree, you’ll be pleased to know that there are special for you to do a project, “Discrete Event suck! Login,” available for only $ 5 or Gold level subscription. They will join this new project is similar to each patch, players can choose to display their patch by paying some additional cosmetic support if they want to.

In addition, all cosmetic stores has been changed so that they can no longer drop dead. Because Jorb said, “hat / cosmetic items other than the omission. They have no other utility than to show off their worth, and let them lootable problem is that they say show off completely lost value, wear them depicts a great goal wearer, so they are basically useless. ” It remains to be seen if this will cause the community to rebound, but I think I was not the only one concerned about the money to invest in that project when they might have been discarded dead.

As a small bonus, Jorb also posted a list of everything a haven from the original server also did not go to the Haven. Remember, not everyone makes it Haven, because Jorb noted that “not all are relevant.” It was also noted that there will be only one type of stent in the future, rather than having two barter and vending varieties.

So this is pretty much, but there are a lot of things. Let us know what you think of the change in opinion.

Pachycephalosaurus join the ranks of the ark: Survival Evolution

Adherent Viryx tilted the wood scepter over the nest of ravager larvae. The gold crystal atop the trinket pulsed with warmth and energy, glowing like a sun in miniature. Once again, Viryx was mesmerized by the power contained in such a tiny thing.

Wildcard Studios today announced an exciting new trailer for the latest updates covering ARK: Survival evolution, update Pachycephalosaurus introduce another dinosaur. This latest addition to the prehistoric world ARK: the survival of evolution will certainly bring some sober battle to the community, because it is flexible and easy to tame herbivores adds a devastating charge attack to your average dinosaur weapon.

In Pachycephalosaurus, or Pachy for those unable to pay 18 letter words, you can now ARK official Steam client download. And handle a large number of impressive detriment of other dinosaurs Pachy powerful charge attacks will prove to be quite a powerful enemy buildings and fortifications carefully placed the defense of those goods and resources.

Star Conflict 1.2 “Dog Wars” focuses on mercenaries

StarGem tightly entertainment space shooter, interstellar conflict, today received a major update entitled “Dog War.” Push the version number up to 1.2, this update is designed to improve the player experience not part of the company.

Update the core join the fight fearless and compete directly in the industry control, without requiring a company’s ability to help the mercenaries. These mercenaries then reward will be based on “their contribution to the fight.”

Mercenaries also receive custom crafts today, which makes them the equivalent of offensive or defensive game style six models to choose from. An additional “defense contract” mode allows the mercenaries to take “peaceful region” pirate defense within the game.

Star Conflict saw a few more general content updates as well. It adds two new maps, megalithic sites and protected areas. The new boss, called “Destroyer”, also makes its way into the game. A small group will be asked to take it down.

SkySaga Alpha 5 will start a new trailer, monkey

SkySaga is slowly turned to be a solid contender Trove. An e-mail sent to all existing testers Alpha 5 official residence today. When included in this update is a new playable tribes, monkey, create your own role, giving players another option. New recipes, adventure, mission communities and biological also increased. The developer said it was their biggest update yet.

The woman was the heart of it. Not the Lady Selyse, the other one. The red woman, the servants had named her, afraid to speak her name. I will speak her name, Cressen told his stone hellhound. Melisandre. Her. Melisandre of Asshai, sorceress, shadowbinder, and priestess to R’hllor, the Lord of Light, the Heart of Fire, the God of Flame and Shadow. Melisandre, whose madness must not be allowed to spread beyond Dragonstone.

In bigger news, the game got a major update, players island. Now, you can buy multiple islands and publish them, for the community to come and go as they see fit. Grid tool has been added in the creation of these new islands to help. In their island, players can now support the official rankings even create the track.

The latest patch New Haven hard disk player and a fireplace Batty

Your god can keep his grace, said Lord Stannis, who did not share his wife’s fervent new faith. It’s swords I need, not blessings. Do you have an army hidden somewhere that you’ve not told me of? There was no affection in his tone. Stannis had always been uncomfortable around women, even his own wife. When he had gone to King’s Landing to sit on Robert’s council, he had left Selyse on Dragonstone with their daughter. His letters had been few, his visits fewer; he did his duty in the marriage bed once or twice a year, but took no joy in it, and the sons he had once hoped for had never come.

Disenfranchised players dismayed by the new business model may still criticize Jorb and Loftar name, but not from the update at a great speed game to stop them. Today’s update added offline healing, choking injury, when you run out of strength underwater, and bats, which players are not too happy.

As you can see from the thread, many players are complaining that bats are too powerful and too frequent. Where there is controversy, a well-lit room or cave with fire will keep them away, but most seem to think that bats are maddening, and even took over a player’s house. Jorb has promised to consider the current implementation of the bat, but I will not be much change in a sense, if at all. I suspect that most declared that “half the player base,” the deaths can be attributed to the new artificial intelligence monster learning also happens to swarm behavior patterns associated with growing pains.

Also included in this update is a note, they will change the payment provider, PayPal from Xsolla. This is done because some countries, such as Russia, can not reliably buy from the store, they had to resort to the industry at the forum.

This patch also received a $ 5 game nurses caps can be purchased to support the patch, like discrete event suck flag from the last patch. Unfortunately, no one took a shot in the game yourself wearing it, but also you can see it’s a 2D image in the link above.

The Massive Identity Crisis

I often hear complaints about the ever expanding definition of an MMO, with sites like Massively using the term so loosely as to include basically any game with online multiplayer. Now I’m not overly concerned with what Massively chooses to call an MMO. From their perspective, the more they can cover, the better, and that makes perfect sense. No, what I think is interesting is that MMOs themselves are so poorly taking advantage of the medium that the ever expanding definition isn’t actually wrong.

Well, except for that one time EA tried to say SimCity was an MMO. That was ridiculous.

In the beginning, MMOs did exactly what you would expect them to do – function as virtual worlds wherein player communities and interaction were key. After all, MMOs are uniquely positioned to deliver this experience; there is simply no other genre with the scale to do so, and it’s the natural path for a social game at that scale to take. Why else go through all the trouble of getting those players in a world together? Now in its eleventh year of operations, EVE Online continues to deliver the purest form of this game experience, so let’s use it for reference.

Simply put, EVE is a toolbox given to its players to create their own stories and gameplay as they interact with each other in the vast reaches of the game’s space. The developer created content really isn’t anything that special. If that was all the game had, it likely wouldn’t have made it eleven days, let alone eleven years. It’s the player interactions that drive the game, and it’s what’s kept players in the game for so long. Ten Ton Hammer’s (pt. 1; pt. 2) telling of The Second Great War should give you an idea of how complex these interactions can be, but even if you don’t read it, just think about the fact that there’s an MMO where a history is being kept of alliances and wars that are entirely player driven. That’s amazing. These interactions are why EVE has rightfully been called “the most thrilling boring game in the universe“. In EVE players don’t follow a story – they make it.

Thanks to PLEX in-game losses can be translated into real world money easily. In some battles, hundreds of thousands of dollars in value are lost.
This screenshot makes the actual gameplay look a lot more fun than it actually is.

While EVE represents an extreme position for player interaction, it is nonetheless a beautiful sight to behold. EVE is by all accounts a success, but it has struggled to gain broader appeal due to high barriers to entry and a heavy reliance on UI and spreadsheet elements that many players find unattractive. However, these unpopular features have nothing to do with its superb player-driven gameplay. It’s also worth noting that it would be entirely possible for a game like EVE to incorporate more guiding themepark elements without compromising its sandbox core if its development team were so inclined. EVE is near pure, uncut sandbox, while there’s a wide range available on the scale of sandboxiness.

The current generation of MMORPG is that of the traditional themepark, which found its beginnings with Everquest: II and the ground shattering success of themepark giant World of Warcraft. The MMO industry changed forever as more and more games have rushed to decipher and emulate WoW‘s recipe for success, and as the market progressed, the themepark model has become a polished developer created content delivery machine, where inconveniences like travel and community-building have been eschewed in favor of quick and easy static, solo friendly content. MMOs abandoned their roots as virtual worlds, and with it, player interaction driven content faded into insignificance.

To put it bluntly, this is a colossal waste. Players are being brought into large communities on sprawling worlds, but the games are in no way taking advantage of that situation. Questing is designed for solo play, and with a few exceptions, endgame content all takes place in confined instances. Most importantly, all of this is consumption of static content hand crafted by the developers, while the games themselves are so locked down that community and player interaction cannot affect the game in any way. The larger community has essentially been reduced to providing no more value than one does in Farmville – to validate players and their in-game accomplishments by giving them an area to stand about and display them. What’s the point of a shared, persistent world when the players have no power to influence it? Developers have settled for turning modern MMOs into amusement rides, when they could be entire worlds.

Which brings us back to the central argument – every game is an MMO now, and it’s not because other games have evolved. No, it’s because MMOs have stopped taking advantage of what made them unique.

I’ve been playing a lot of Diablo 3 recently, and it’s interesting how little of an adjustment it took considering I play MMOs almost exclusively. All of my usual MMO news outlets were already covering it, and all of my usual MMO friends were already playing it. This got me to thinking – why was that? What makes Diablo such an appealing game for the MMO community? Exploring this question lead me to a surprising answer; they really aren’t that different anymore.

What does a modern themepark MMO offer that Diablo doesn’t? The social features are all there – friends, groups, clans, and public channels. The world isn’t open or persistent, but that’s not really a requirement to be an MMO (Diablo‘s maps are probably still more open than Neverwinter‘s). Hell, Diablo has a destructible environment, so I’ll even give it the advantage for having some modicum of world interactivity. The only real distinction between the two is the limited group size in Diablo, but when 90% of your time in an MMO is spent in a similarly limited instanced environment, how meaningful is that difference?

Fortunately, wasted potential is not the extent of the problems caused by the abandonment of player interaction in the medium. John Smedley, the President of Sony Online Entertainment, briefly addressed the business shortcomings of the modern themepark model in his blog post, The Sandbox MMO:

My belief is simple – the content driven model is not where we should be aiming as an industry. Why? It’s unsustainable. When we first began making these kinds of games 18 years ago (I mean no disrespect to the Muds and other games out before Everquest) there was nothing to compare our games to. Players were so excited about being able to be a part of these virtual worlds that just about any content was exciting. Over the years the quality has really been steadily rising to the point where we have some brilliant narrative and exciting storylines in many MMOs today. We still thrill at completing a quest to kill the dragon or save somse poor townsperson who was unlucky enough to get kidnapped by orcs. The real issue is a simple one – our ability to consume that content as players has gotten to the point that most content is done by the players nearly immediately after it’s released.

An industry leader championing the cause of player interaction driven MMOs is music to my ears, but he doesn’t appear to be the only one having these thoughts. Beyond SOE’s Everquest: Next, Landmark, and H1Z1 titles, upcoming sandboxes like ArcheAge, Black Desert, The Repopulation, Pathfinder Online, and Star Citizen all seem to be delivering exactly what the genre needs with varying degrees of balance between sandbox and themepark elements.

Will the MMO market return to its roots, taking full advantage of its large, persistent communities by bringing player-driven gameplay back to its core? Will players once again experience freedom and an ability to impact the game? God, I hope so. Let’s take back the word MMO by first taking back what it means to be an MMO.


Hobo Gamer: Black Desert

The first entrant to my Hobo Gamer series is Black Desert, an upcoming sandbox MMO being developed by Pearl Abyss, a new studio formed specifically for the game’s creation. Set in a beautifully crafted world inspired by the middle ages, its low-fantasy trappings really resonate with me as a virtual world I could potentially call home.

With its announced features, Black Desert has the potential to come the closest to being the game I’ve long searched for – EVE on the ground. While not a complete match by any means, this single sentence best encompasses both my interest in the game and my hopes for its future in a neat package; it is through this lens that I wish to view the game.

Black Desert features a gorgeous, large, seamless, persistent world, and the developers have made their anti-instancing stance more than clear; I could not be more thrilled with this. Leaving behind load screens, instancing, and other artificial barriers makes the game space feel like a real world, and in the end, this is what I want most out of an MMO, even if some difficulties are introduced with it.

One such difficulty is a housing system. Black Desert‘s housing is non-instanced, but you won’t be able to just plop a house down anywhere and ruin the view, as has happened with other games. In a unique twist, all of Black Desert‘s housing is rented for three month periods through an auction process, the specifics of which can be found here on Steparu. While there look to be many, many houses available in the game, they all come in various sizes and grandeur, meaning competition for the best will be fierce. It’s an interesting take on a classic feature, and I look forward to seeing how well it works out in practice. However, as I’m a big fan of housing and a big fan of not instancing content, it seems safe to throw this in the “like” pile.

Update: As of the second CBT, Black Desert‘s housing is now instanced. In my opinion, this is a definite step back from the original open-world design.

Death has consequences in Black Desert, as when players die they lose both experience and items. This can be a contentious feature, but I’m of the opinion that it can work well when properly supported by other mechanics, which so far Black Desert does seem to be implementing. Firstly, while you can lose levels due to the experience loss, there is no level cap in game. While this is mechanically a whole can of worms in its own right, it removes the problem of dying, losing max level, and having to swap back to a lower quality of equipment (there is a ‘soft-cap’ to leveling where gear requirements will presumably rest for endgame gear). Item loss on death or permanent decay are fairly standard in sandbox MMOs, where items are tools used to advance gameplay and not the ultimate goal of the endgame experience. While item loss is an unthinkable mechanic in a gear-progression driven themepark environment, it can do well in a sandbox MMO.

Following in the path of most modern MMORPGs, Black Desert utilizes limited action-set action based combat, but with its own unique twist. Its combat is inspired by fighter games like Tekken, and brings from that reaction-based combat elements like blocks and grabs as well as directional attacks. It’s hard to dig up a lot of concrete information on how it all works, but from combat footage, it does seem to be greatly different from the combo system in Age of Conan, which I am not a fan of. Abilities slotted on the action bar seem to work in the same way as they have in other action based MMOs like The Elder Scrolls Online or Neverwinter; you press the button and the ability goes off.

Here’s a little bit of footage on a variety of classes from the second closed beta, where you can see for yourself a bit of how combat works in Black Desert.

Now we get to the meat and bones of what makes a good sandbox game – its economy. As is to be expected, Black Desert features a fully fleshed out player driven economy. Gathering comes in two varieties, manual and automatic. Manual gathering functions similarly to every other MMO; you run around and mine rocks, chop trees, and generally pillage the scenery to get your hands on materials.

Automated gathering requires you to hire workers who are then able to acquire resources from the nodes you have access to. The nodes themselves are another creature entirely. You can progress through each city and their respective nodes, developing your network in a method reminiscent of Sim City or Civilization. Each area is governed by a faction with whom, for lack of a better term, you can grind rep with. Once acquired, you are able to assign rep to any of the nodes governed by that faction, allowing you to unlock or progress it. For example, you could unlock a mine by the city, or if one isn’t nearby, unlock an outpost on a road allowing your workers to travel to a distant mine (which you would have to unlock separately). Once you have fully unlocked a node and a path to it, you are able to hire NPC workers to go and do your bidding.

This philosophy of localization carries over to the rest of the game as a whole. Banks and auction houses are all local, and you’ll find different resources in specific regions – a few of the many design decisions I find reminiscent of EVE Online. If resource and item driven PvP take a focus in the game (even if only on PvP servers), this will allow a territorial control system to organically form as player organizations attempt to dominate their region’s resources. Similarly, the need to transport resources manually can drive PvP in a game with Black Desert‘s death penalties.

A more in depth look at Black Desert‘s economy can by found in MMOCast’s series of articles on the subject.

In a game with item loss on death transporting crafting materials can be a dangerous business. In addition, Black Desert also imposes inventory capacity limitations based on both weight and slots, meaning players looking to transport a lot of goods will have to find a way to do so. If people are trying to kill you and steal your goods, it will be best if that way happens to be fast. That way is carriages. Much like gathering, carriages come in two varieties. You can either hire an NPC to transport goods between two of your connected cities, or do it yourself if you own a carriage. However, even if you hire an NPC, other players will still be able to kill it and steal its cargo.

I can’t believe it’s taken this long for mounted combat to make its way into MMOs, but I’m glad it’s finally arrived. I was watching the First Look trailer (embedded at the bottom of the page) when at about 3:20, I saw a carriage being attacked by mounted assailants in what can best be described as a medieval car chase. I really don’t think I need to say much more on the subject.

Looking through the scenery of Black Desert, I couldn’t help but find some of the architecture and city design reminiscent of the original Assassins Creed game. Then, to my surprise, one of the characters started climbing the side of a building. The feature looked to be pretty buggy in the first closed beta, but if Pearl Abyss can get this running smoothly, it could be an awesome addition to the game. This will be especially true if it’s supported by content that can really take advantage of it.

What better feature to support wall climbing than siege PvP? In Black Desert‘s sieges, guilds will fight over keeps during vulnerability windows in an attempt to gain control of it and the ability to tax commerce within its area of influence. It seems like there is a lot in flux with the design of the game’s siege PvP, but currently the objective is to construct your own symbol within the keep while destroying those of your enemies. When one symbol is left standing, those players gain control of the keep and everyone else is ported outside to the nearby town. However, so long as it is still within the keep’s vulnerability window, those players will be able to begin the assault anew.

A few days ago Black Desert released a video showcasing its new character customization system and the internet collectively exploded. This may be the new bar for character customization in an MMO. The video speaks for itself, so I’ll let it do just that.

I’m a big fan of minimalist interfaces, and Black Desert seems to deliver on that. Although it’s hard to tell when I can’t read the language, the user interface of the game makes me feel right at home after my time with The Elder Scrolls Online, while also appearing to be more informative. Hopefully this game will be able to strike a good balance between functionality and an appealing form, but it does appear to be on the right track.

In essence, I don’t like Eastern MMORPGs. I imagine players in Asian markets simply have different preferences and priorities than I do, so when a game is tailored for them, it falls short of my own standards for what makes a game good. They’re typically far too grindy, the art style and animations are grating, they’re often free-to-play and pay-to-win, and are generally PvE focused as well. Whether or not Black Desert will prove to avoid these pitfalls remains to be seen, but so far it does appear to not be overdoing most of these.

However, at least one negative has already arisen from the game’s Eastern roots – gender-locked classes. I won’t mince words – I hate this. I always play classes of my own gender. I have nothing against people that don’t, but it’s important for my own enjoyment to be able to connect with and relate to my character – something which is much more difficult when I cannot make the character I want. Fortunately, the word is that all classes but two (the male Giant and female Tamer) will feature a mirrored class of the opposite gender. If this is truly the extent of the gender-locking, then it won’t be too large of an issue for me.

The game is still in the early beta stages, and runs off a new engine developed specifically for Black Desert. Between a new company and their new engine, there’s not a whole lot we can go on as to how this project will turn out. Worse still, the game has not yet found a Western publisher, and though it does have a new placeholder Western site indicating the continued intent to release in that market, this does mean we likely won’t get our hands on the game for quite a long time. Even with this uncertainty, its announced features are good enough to warrant careful consideration of Black Desert as a new MMO home.

As you may have noticed, a lot of my hopes for the game revolve around a fleshed out world PvP system, the existence of which is not yet certain. In fact, recent comments by the game’s producer have called into question whether or not the PvP we’ve seen so far was all intended to be happening:

Many players attributed the high difficulty of the game to the death penalty and random player kill (PK).

The random PK was a bug. Actually, one is only allowed to PK other players during Siege War period. Many players thought that it was part of the game system, despite the notice and information we have released on this bug.

The good news is that the above quote isn’t as cut and dry as it may seem. The translation of the interview was not perfectly done, and there are many instances where answers were phrased in a confusing or ambiguous manner as a result. My understanding is that the bug he referred to was that random PK in the open world did not have consequences, and not simply that it was happening. This is supported by Black Desert having a PvP flagging system already in place.

Black Desert is also stepping away from the trinity model of group content that MMO veterans are all familiar with, and while I have written in favor of replacing the trinity in the past, I don’t see evidence that Pearl Abyss is working to develop an adequate replacement for it. However, as a sandbox, Black Desert is well positioned to eschew traditional group encounters entirely in favor of other forms of content. While I don’t really see this working in the game’s favor, it’s entirely possible that content will be designed in such a way that it will not be a negative.

As the two most hotly anticipated upcoming Eastern sandbox MMORPGs, comparisons between Black Desert and ArcheAge are inevitable. ArcheAge is a much more traditional MMORPG, coming with a large action-set and tab targeting. Though it has a lot of potential, it seems its biggest edge over Black Desert may be coming to an end, as recent comments from Black Desert’s producer have indicated that Pearl Abyss will likely add sea play to the game as well, with warships and trade-ships coming to the game sometime in the future. As I already greatly preferred the action combat, stunning visuals, and general design of Black Desert, a move in this direction would easily knock ArcheAge completely off my radar.

A lot remains to be seen about the future of Black Desert, and there are many ways in which it could turn out to be a bad fit. What we have so far looks damn good though, so I’ll definitely be monitoring the game as its development progresses and public knowledge grows. For now, check out Black Desert‘s First Look trailer below.

Feel the Wrath of Guild Wars 2’s Elementalist Specialization Tempest

Elementalists’ elite specialization is Tempest. With Tempest spec, elementalists can push their limit and extend the boundary. “With the design of this elite specialization, we’re aiming to add a more direct frontline support option that rewards precise positioning and the ability to turn a fight with sound decision making and deft blows,” the GW2 team says.

Each attunement will obtain its own overload ability, and here’s how they’ll work:
Overload Fire: Allow flames to leak out from your essence, building an infernal tornado over time that continuously damages and burns enemies while granting allies might. Successfully completing the ability leaves the tornado at your current location for a period of time.
Overload Water: Pull water into an aquatic bubble around you as you regenerate and cleanse conditions from yourself and nearby allies. At the end of the ability, your water bubble pops to give a larger heal to nearby allies.
Overload Air: Become a conduit of electricity, creating a nimbus cloud above you that repeatedly strikes nearby enemies, rending their armor. Successfully completing this ability leaves a lightning field at your location that strikes enemies in its vicinity.
Overload Earth: Rend the earth, bend it to your will, and take a ride on it, granting protection to nearby allies and crippling enemies. When you return to earth, deliver a tremendous immobilizing blast.

Tempest skills you can access to include:

“Wash the Pain Away!”: Heal allies, and cleanse conditions from them. This healing skill is a bit more unique, as it heals allies for the same amount that you are healed for outside of the initial healing when activating the skill.

“Feel the Burn!”: Sear your voice into the ground and cause continually growing flames to emit from that location.
“Eye of the Storm!”: Call the storm down on yourself and nearby allies, breaking stun on anyone affected and granting them superspeed for a time.
“Aftershock!”: Emanate a powerful earthen force around yourself, crippling enemies. After a short delay, an aftershock ripples forth, immobilizing enemies in its wake.
“Flash Freeze!”: Command the air around your foes to cool and harden, damaging and chilling your foes for a period of time.

“Rebound!”: This is the only arcane aspect available to the tempest. Using this arcane shout will affect allies in the area around you, causing the next ability they use to have a 25% reduced recharge.

At last, let’s delve a little into the tempest’s minor traits and a couple of major traits you’ll see.
Minor Trait One—Singularity: This minor trait unlocks the ability to overload your attunements. You’ll see multiple traits that beef up your overload abilities, such as Unstable Conduit, which grants an aura specific to your attunement when you successfully complete an overload ability.
Minor Trait Two—Speedy Conduit: You’ll gain swiftness while overloading an attunement, allowing you to move more easily around the battlefield. You can enhance this movement by equipping the Lucid Singularity trait, which cleanses and then reduces the duration of incoming inhibiting conditions by 100%.
Minor Trait Three—Hardy Conduit: Gain protection when beginning an overload ability. In order to use these channeling skills for damage and support, you’ll occasionally need to soak up a little extra damage yourself. If you so choose, this trait can be bolstered by a specific major trait in the line called Earthen Proxy. The effects of protection on you will be increased from 33% to 40% damage reduction.


Games to Launch Fast-paced ARPG Felspire This Early August

Games will launch Felspire this early August. In Felspire, players could go straight to the desert – PvP arenas, challenging dungeons and massive guild battles. Felspire lets you play an RPG like an action game and cut straight to the good stuff while leaving the tedious grinding for another game.

The game is set in the fantasy world of Eremos, where the mysterious Felspire continues to be a source of contention for the locals and foreigners alike. As some believe it to be a portal from underworld to the land of mankind, there are those waiting for an opportunity to seize it for their licentious deeds. For other humans, Felspire is rumored as a source of infinite power. No-one can seem to agree on its origin or its future use – but there is one thing that can be guaranteed – war.

What makes the game different from others is the tempo will be quicker than other RPGs, because of the intelligent auto combat system which helps players skip the tedious grinding and enjoy the best parts of an RPG. You can just skip to the good stuff – and leave the monotony of grinding and leveling up behind them.